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Iron Imperium Celebrates the Triumphs of the K-Team Karate Team Milan at the Interregionale OIPES Tournament in Arese
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Iron Imperium Celebrates the Triumphs of the K-Team Karate Team Milan at the Interregionale OIPES Tournament in Arese

This past Sunday, the spirit of competition and the fire of determination were palpable at the Interregionale OIPES Tournament in Arese (MI). As the proud sponsor of the formidable K-Team Karate Team Milan, Iron Imperium is thrilled to recount the extraordinary achievements of these warriors.



Clad in our specially designed jerseys, featuring the fierce "Mars the Vengeful" and the indomitable "Diana Huntress Goddess," the K-Team stormed the arena with unparalleled prowess.

A Day of Victory and Valor

  • Francesca Fioroni: With the grace of Diana and the ferocity of Mars, Francesca conquered the mat, claiming gold in the Open category and silver in the Seniores. Her performance was a masterclass in technique and tenacity, dazzling the audience and judges alike.

  • Giovanna Carvelli: A true huntress on the battlefield, Giovanna secured the gold in the Seniores category. Her strength and precision were unmatched, embodying the very essence of Iron Imperium’s martial spirit.

  • Gianluca Fioroni: Competing in the Veterans Open, Gianluca's silver medal was a testament to his enduring skill and experience. His display of mastery and resilience was nothing short of inspirational.

  • Alex Pietrogiacomi: In the Veterans category, Alex claimed gold with a performance that echoed the might of Mars himself. His victory was a spectacular display of power and strategy, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament.

A Celebration of Strength and Design

The synergy between Iron Imperium’s designs and the K-Team’s athletic excellence was on full display. Our jerseys, inspired by the fierce and legendary deities Mars and Diana, were more than just attire – they were symbols of strength, courage, and triumph. Each athlete wore their jersey with pride, transforming the designs into living embodiments of mythic valor.



Iron Imperium: Forging Legends

At Iron Imperium, we believe in forging not just steel, but legends. The triumphs of the K-Team at the Interregionale OIPES Tournament are a testament to this belief. We are honored to support these incredible athletes and look forward to many more victories together.

Stay tuned as the saga of the K-Team continues, and join us in celebrating their triumphs. The spirit of Mars and Diana lives on through their victories, and Iron Imperium is proud to stand beside them as they carve their legacy into the annals of martial arts history.

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Onward, to greater glories!

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