Diana Huntress Goddess

In ancient Roman religion and mythology Diana was the goddess of the mountains, the woods and wild animals, the guardian of rivers and the protector of women and hunters. Daughter of Jupiter (the king of the Gods) and twin sister of Apollo (God of the Sun) Diana is also the Goddess of the moon.

Diana Huntress Goddess of the Light and of the Moon (from Latin meaning of her name) was smart, talented and of unpredictable and vengeful nature. 

According to Cicero “she was called Diana because she made it like day during the night”. Goddess of night and underworld, Diana was not only a moon goddess: she was worshiped as the Moon (Ovid, Metamorphoses). In the ancient, medieval, and modern periods, Diana has been considered a triple deity, merged with a goddess of the moon (Luna/Selene) and the underworld (Hecate)

Embraced in recent times as the mother of witches (Stregheria religion) and personifies the positive attributes of the moon, which is the source of Witches' magical power, as well as independence, self-esteem and fierce aggressiveness. In more recent times she has become an inspirations for witches and Wicca circles due to the female strength she represents. 

A maiden warrior, she is the eternal feminist, owned by no man, beholden to none

Our Diana emanates all of the characteristics that have made her one of the most inspiring Deity until today with the design including:

Triple Moon Symbol: symbol of feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities

The Spiral of Life: the Divine Feminine, the movement of creation, death and rebirth

Hecate's Wheel: which connect the material world with the celestial world also symbol of Rebirth and Emanations of Divine thought

Labrys: the double bladed axe, symbol of female empowerment and protection