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Epic Showdown: Neri di Brescia Triumphs in Ludi Maximi Harpastum Tournament Finale
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Epic Showdown: Neri di Brescia Triumphs in Ludi Maximi Harpastum Tournament Finale

In a clash that echoed through the ages, Neri di Brescia seized victory in a truly epic finale at the inaugural Ludi Maximi Harpastum Tournament.

Facing off against the formidable Harpastum Centvria Roma in the heart of Rome on Saturday, April 20th, the match was a spectacle of unyielding determination and breathtaking athleticism.

From the first whistle to the final moments, the intensity of the contest was palpable.

With the scoreboard deadlocked at 12-12, every pass, every tackle, and every goal carried the weight of centuries-old rivalries and the pursuit of glory.

Fierce and merciless, the battles on the field left spectators on the edge of their seats, mesmerized by the sheer spectacle unfolding before them.

Yet, amidst the ferocity of competition, the true spirit of sportsmanship shone through.

As the match concluded, both teams set aside their differences to embrace the bond forged by their shared love of the game.

In the time-honored tradition of the "third half," they came together to celebrate their mutual respect, sharing laughter, food, and drinks in a testament to the camaraderie that transcends victory and defeat.




In attendance was Iron Imperium, the proud sponsor of Harpastum Centvria Roma and the official provider of the tournament's iconic t-shirt. Their delegation, flying from London to Rome, bore witness to the historic clash, reaffirming their unwavering support for the legacy of Harpastum.


As the dust settled on the battlefield, the echoes of the Ludi Maximi Harpastum Tournament resonated far and wide.

Through moments of triumph and acts of sportsmanship, the tournament celebrated not only the ancient roots of the game but also the enduring spirit of unity and camaraderie it fosters.

And as the curtain fell on this epic chapter, one thing remained certain: the legend of Harpastum lives on.

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