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Gladiator Spirit Unleashed: Yassine El Madhi Poised for 135lbs Amateur MMA Title at Cage Warriors Academy South East
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Gladiator Spirit Unleashed: Yassine El Madhi Poised for 135lbs Amateur MMA Title at Cage Warriors Academy South East

Prepare for an explosive night of combat, fight aficionados! The stage is set for an epic clash as Yassine El Madhi, the rising star from Team Haka in Rome, prepares to face Myers for the 135lbs Amateur MMA Title at the Cage Warriors Academy South East in December 2023. Fresh off a spectacular victory at #CWSE32 with a super-fast KO, Yassine is ready to make history once again, following in the footsteps of his esteemed teammate, Tiziano Ferranti.

The echoes of Yassine El Madhi's recent triumph at #CWSE32, where he secured a lightning-fast KO, still resonate through the MMA community. Now, with the support of his legendary team, Haka, Yassine steps back into the arena, drawing inspiration from the gladiatorial spirit.

A Beacon of Talent: Team Haka's Legacy Continues:

Team Haka, based in the heart of Rome, has once again produced a prodigious talent in Yassine El Madhi. Following in the footsteps of Tiziano Ferranti, Yassine embodies the spirit of the Haka legacy—a legacy marked by skill, determination, and an unyielding commitment

At Iron Imperium we are super proud of supporting Yassine as he gears up for his upcoming battle 

Yassine's Gladiatorial Journey Continues:

Yassine El Madhi's journey to the 135lbs Amateur MMA Title is a continuation of the rich gladiatorial tradition fostered by Team Haka. His dedication, discipline, and recent electrifying victory stand as a testament to the calibre of talent emerging from this esteemed camp in Rome and enriched of his recent training camp in South London at Great Britain Top Team HQ by Head Coach Brad "One Punch" Pickett

A Night of Gladiatorial Showdown and Team Pride:

December 2023, the Cage Warriors Academy South East will transform into a modern-day Colosseum. Expect not only a night of intense battles and fierce competition but also a display of Team Haka's prowess as Yassine El Madhi aims to secure his place as the 135lbs Amateur MMA Champion.

Join the Gladiatorial Movement:

Be a part of this historic night as Yassine El Madhi, representing Team Haka, invites you to join the gladiatorial movement. Purchase your tickets, witness the clash of titans, and celebrate the spirit of victory, courage, and resilience. This isn't just a fight; it's a journey into the heart of the arena, where warriors are born, legends are made, and Team Haka continues to shine.

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