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Iron Imperium
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Embrace the fury: a mythical collision of legends unleashes upon London
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Embrace the fury: a mythical collision of legends unleashes upon London

The Power of Ancient Rome and the Brutality of Death Metal Converge in an Unprecedented Event

LONDON, 22nd Nov 2023 — Prepare yourselves, metal enthusiasts, for an event of mythical proportions, as the echoes of ancient Rome resound in the heart of London! 

On the eve of December 2nd, the legendary Cart and Horses venue will bear witness to an extraordinary convergence of classical majesty and modern brutality. DEOS, the heralds of sonic devastation, will unleash the tempestuous sounds of their latest album, "Furor Belli," sending shockwaves through the very foundations of the city in an epic event organised by Ocularis Infernum Booking and Promotion: "Londinium Metal Night"

DEOS extreme roman metal

In a union forged in the fiery forges of artistic collaboration, Iron imperium has joined forces with DEOS to craft a line of awe-inspiring merchandise, culminating in the creation of the iconic "Primus Pilus" t-shirts. These garments are not merely apparel; they are a testament to the fusion of ancient tales and contemporary sonic onslaughts, capturing the essence of Rome's might in every fiber.

Witness the ferocity of DEOS as they take the stage, adorned in the very attire that pays homage to the warriors of old. The thunderous rhythms, searing guitar solos, and guttural roars will reverberate through the ages, bridging the gap between the glory of ancient Rome and the relentless power of death

"We are honored to have been collaborating with DEOS and to be present on this monumental occasion, "Our shared passion for history and metal has birthed a collection that not only celebrates the past but propels it into the future. The Primus Pilus t-shirts are a symbol of strength, unity, and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence."

Metal warriors, prepare to be engulfed in a sonic storm as DEOS takes you on a journey through the annals of time, channeling the spirits of Roman legions and unleashing the fury of "Furor Belli." Secure your place in history and witness the collision of ancient lore and modern might on December 2nd at the Cart and Horses. BUY TICKETS HERE


Exclusive Event Merchandise: As a special treat for attendees, Iron Imperium is proud to announce the availability of exclusive event merchandise that cannot be found on the online store. Immerse yourself in the unique experience of acquiring rare and limited-edition items, a tangible testament to your presence at this historic collision of musical and cultural forces. In addition an extra exclusive 10% discount on the whole website for all people that will buy merch at the event will be shared.

But that's not all! The Cart and Horses, the hallowed grounds where heavy metal legends Iron Maiden took their first electrifying steps, will host not only DEOS but also showcase the talents of two other formidable bands—Slave Steel and The Ace Drops. Join us in paying homage to the birthplace of Iron Maiden, as we celebrate the past, present, and future of metal.

Let the epic begin!

For further information, media inquiries, and press passes, please contact: 

Ocularis Infernum Booking and Promotion - CLICK HERE

Londinium Metal Night: Deos + Slave Steel + The Ace Drops

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