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Iron Imperium Embarks on an Epic Journey with WBC Champion Dario "Spartan" Morello
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Iron Imperium Embarks on an Epic Journey with WBC Champion Dario "Spartan" Morello

London, UK - March 21, 2024 - Iron Imperium, the iconic clothing brand renowned for its unyielding spirit and timeless style, proudly announces its monumental partnership with the indomitable Italian boxer and WBC Mediterranean Middle Weight champion, Dario "Spartan" Morello. This marks the second legendary collaboration between Iron Imperium and Team Morello, reaffirming our shared commitment to honor, strength, and glory.

In a historic match for the ages, slated for April 15th, 2024, in the illustrious city of Milan, Dario "Spartan" Morello will once again step into the ring, this time against Luca Chiancone. This eagerly anticipated battle will unfold at the majestic Alliaz Cloud, amidst the thundering applause of thousands, and the world will bear witness to the clash of titans.



The echoes of their previous triumph still resonate through the annals of history, as Dario Morello emerged victorious on December 15th, 2023, seizing the coveted WBC Mediterranean Middle Weight championship belt after an awe-inspiring victory over J. Nmomah. With courage as his shield and determination as his sword, Morello embodied the essence of a true champion, igniting the hearts of millions with his unparalleled skill and unwavering resolve.

Aligned in spirit and ethos, Iron Imperium stands shoulder to shoulder with Dario "Spartan" Morello, as he prepares to etch his name into the hallowed halls of boxing greatness once more.

Our journey transcends mere partnership; it is a quest fueled by the shared values of honor, strength, and glory. Together, we forge an unbreakable bond, a testament to the enduring spirit of champions.



As Iron Imperium team prepares to traverse the vast expanse from London to Milan, the fervor of anticipation electrifies the air. We stand united in our unwavering support for Dario "Spartan" Morello, poised to witness history unfold in the ring, where warriors are born and legends are made.

Join us on this epic odyssey, as Iron Imperium and Dario "Spartan" Morello embark on a journey destined for greatness. Let the drums of victory thunder, and the banners of triumph soar high, for together, we shall conquer all obstacles that stand in our path.

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