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Iron Imperium celebrates Partnership with Rookie 4 MMA Championship, Bringing Ancient History and Modern Sport Together in Naples
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Iron Imperium celebrates Partnership with Rookie 4 MMA Championship, Bringing Ancient History and Modern Sport Together in Naples

London 21st Oct 2023 – Iron Imperium, a cutting-edge clothing brand inspired by ancient history and mythology, proudly announces its official sponsorship of the highly anticipated Rookie 4 MMA Championship. The event is set to take place at the PalaCasoria in Naples, Campania, on November 25th.

Campania, known to the Romans as Campania Felix, has a rich history deeply intertwined with ancient gladiatorial combat. Now, this region becomes the stage for a new chapter in combat sports as it hosts a significant MMA event, solidifying its place in the modern athletic arena.

Shared Values: The partnership between Iron Imperium and the Rookie 4 MMA Championship is founded on shared values of strength, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.  Iron Imperium draws inspiration from the heroic tales of ancient history and mythology, aligning seamlessly with the dedication and valour exhibited by the emerging talents participating in the Rookie 4 MMA Championship.

A Historic Location: Naples and Campania region, with its echoes of gladiatorial training grounds, provides a fitting backdrop for this momentous event. As fighters step into the arena, they not only embrace the modern challenge of MMA but also pay homage to the storied history of Campania as a hub for combat sports.

Making History in Southern Italy: The Rookie 4 MMA Championship marks a significant milestone for MMA in the south of Italy. It brings together skilled fighters from the region and beyond, showcasing the growing prominence of this dynamic sport in Southern Italy.

Official Branded T-Shirts and Exclusive Discount: In a symbolic nod to unity and support, all fighters participating in the championship will proudly wear official branded t-shirts from Iron Imperium. Additionally, to extend gratitude to the attendees, Iron Imperium is offering an exclusive 10% discount code to be used on the online store, allowing fans to carry a piece of this historic event with them.

"We are thrilled to be part of an event that not only celebrates the spirit of competition but also echoes the values we hold dear at Iron Imperium. It's an honour to support emerging talents in MMA and contribute to the positive impact this event will have on the community,"

As the fighters gear up for this historic night of MMA action, Iron Imperium looks forward to a thrilling event that melds the ancient and the modern, paying tribute to the rich history of Campania Felix.

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