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Giveaway - Saturnalia Bloody Xmas, vote your favorite song and win
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Giveaway - Saturnalia Bloody Xmas, vote your favorite song and win

Time for our Xmas giveaway...actually our Saturnalia giveaway and it's going to be a bloody Xmas giveaway!

We have teamed up with our friends at, A Midlife Less Ordinary Podcast and Pugile da Tastiera and togheter we are going to giveaway lot of prizes!

Saturnalia, was the most popular holiday in the ancient Roman calendar. In ancient Roman times, the 17th of December marked the start of this Roman festival. It was a time of feasting, drinking, playing, gift-giving and role-reversal.

To celebrate Saturnalia at IRON IMPERIUM with the right spirit we have decided to party with music and gifts! but the music we like...and of course the gifts we like...IRON IMPERIUM official gifts.

In collaboration with we have selected 28 metal, rock and punk songs to celebrate Saturnalia in our own way!

All you have to do is stay tuned with our Instagram page, check our stories and vote your favorite song to enter the prize draw!

How to enter the prize draw and Win

Follow @Ironimperium and keep an eye on our stories

  • we will post "Poll Stories" with 2 songs
  • Just vote your favorite song to enter the prize draw
  • each vote = 1 entry

Each round we will select a winnerWinners can chose 1 item from any item available in the IRON IMPERIUM store


1st Rounds sponsored by Pugile da Tastiera:

  • Vote via our Instagram story 24th December
  • Vote via our Instagram story 25th December
  • 1 Winner announced  26th December by Iron Imperium
  • 1 extra winner will be selected by Pugile da Tastiera (follow @pugiledatastiera

Second Round sponsored by A Midlife Less Ordinary Podcast

Quarter finals sponsored by

  • Vote via our Instagram story 30th December
  • Vote via our Instagram story 31st December
  • 1 Winner announced 1st January by Iron Imperium
  • 1 extra winner will be selected by (follow

Semi Finals and Final sponsored by

  • Semifinals 3rd January 2022
  • 1 Winner announced 5th January by Iron Imperium
  • Final 7th January 2022
  • 1 Winner announced 8th January by Iron Imperium

Dont miss out...get tuned to @IronImperium instagram page by the 24th of December to get the chance to win!

The Bloody Xmas songs!

check out the songs that will be fighting for the title of the Bloodiest of the Bloody Xmas songs on 

or listen to them below!



The pagan celebration of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and time, began as a single day, but by the late Republic (133-31 B.C.) it had expanded to a weeklong festival beginning December 17. (On the Julian calendar, which the Romans used at the time, the winter solstice fell on December 25.)

The midwinter celebrations(derived from older farming-related rituals of midwinter and the winter solstice) lasted for several days (the number changed through the Roman era) and it was a time of feasting, partying, playing games, gift-giving and role-reversal. It was the merriest festival of the year and all work and business were suspended.

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