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Forging Legends in the Cage: Iron Imperium Sponsors Cage Warriors Academy's Colchester Showdown
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Forging Legends in the Cage: Iron Imperium Sponsors Cage Warriors Academy's Colchester Showdown

In the heart of Colchester, on the fateful night of Saturday, July 13th, the air will pulse with anticipation, the crowd's roar will echo through the ages, and the warriors of MMA will clash in battles that will be etched in legend. Iron Imperium, the bastion of strength and style in combat sports apparel, proudly steps forward as the official sponsor of Cage Warriors Academy for the second time this year, reinforcing our unbreakable alliance with the titans of tomorrow.


The Arena Awaits: Colchester Becomes the Battlefield

The Cage Warriors Academy event in Colchester promises to be an unparalleled spectacle. Fighters, honed by rigorous training and driven by an unyielding spirit, will enter the cage to prove their mettle. Each bout will be a symphony of strategy, strength, and skill, resonating with the primal essence of mixed martial arts.

Iron Imperium, a name synonymous with resilience and determination, stands as the proud sponsor, providing not only the finest apparel but also the spirit of a warrior to every contender. Our commitment to excellence and passion for MMA are reflected in our support for these modern-day gladiators.

Celebrating a Partnership Forged in Battle

Our journey with Cage Warriors Academy began with a shared vision: to elevate the sport of MMA and support the fighters who embody the Iron Imperium ethos. The inaugural 2024 event of the year marked the beginning of this legendary partnership, and as we continue this epic saga, our resolve has only strengthened.

The first event showcased the raw talent and indomitable will of the fighters, and we were honoured to be part of their journey. The upcoming Colchester event will undoubtedly build on this foundation, delivering even more breath taking moments and inspiring performances. As the official sponsor, Iron Imperium is not just a brand but a symbol of the unyielding spirit that drives each fighter.

The Essence of MMA: Where Warriors Rise

Mixed martial arts is more than a sport; it is a crucible where the spirit is tested, and legends are born. The fighters who step into the cage are modern-day samurai, each bringing their unique story, style, and strategy. Iron Imperium's sponsorship is a tribute to these warriors, recognizing their dedication and amplifying their journey with the support they deserve.

Our apparel is designed to withstand the rigors of the fight, embodying the strength and durability of the fighters themselves. We understand the demands of the sport, and our products reflect the same relentless pursuit of perfection that defines a true MMA fighter.

Join Us in Colchester: Witness History in the Making

On July 13th, as the sun sets over Colchester, the Cage Warriors Academy event will ignite the night with the ferocity of battle and the spirit of competition. Iron Imperium invites all MMA enthusiasts, fans, and supporters to witness this historic event. Together, we will celebrate the bravery, skill, and heart of the fighters who step into the cage, embodying the very essence of what it means to be a warrior.

Let us come together to cheer for the heroes of MMA, to honour their journey, and to embrace the epic legacy of combat sports. Join us in Colchester for a night of unforgettable moments, as Iron Imperium and Cage Warriors Academy forge a path to greatness.

With unwavering resolve and a spirit that defies limits, Iron Imperium continues to support the champions of tomorrow, standing shoulder to shoulder with Cage Warriors Academy. Together, we forge legends in the cage.

A monumental edition
July's card is looking already epic!  Here's the list of the fights already announced!
For latest updates please refer to CageWarriors Academy Official Instagram Page
Kinsella vs Di Gasparro - 145lbs European Amateur MMA Title
Young vs Cheaabi - 125lbs Amateur MMA Title
Disha vs Mutalimov - 155lbs Amateur MMA Title
Mullings (C) vs Lokvoll - 205lbs Amateur MMA Title
Tandia vs Lambert - 170lbs Amateur MMA European Title
Onwordi vs Johnsen - 165lbs Pro MMA Title
Moore vs Smythe - 185lbs Amateur MMA Title
Pietrzak vs John - 265lbs Amateur MMA Title
Gifford (C) vs Andrews - 145lbs Amateur MMA Title
Shamilov vs Stewart - 170lbs Amateur MMA Super Fight
Ramos vs Bajwa - 145lbs Amateur MMA Bout
Ashurov vs Sullivan - 145lbs Amateur MMA Bout
Haugetun vs Phillips - 155lbs Amateur MMA Bout
Amucilentei vs Zalo - 155lbs Amateur MMA Bout
Bailey vs Ledda - 145lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Matier vs Benett - 145lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Torhaug vs Bradley - 135lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Thorpe vs Saffa - 155lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Hilden vs Kittelsen - 145lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Bergstrom vs Bennett - 125lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Canli vs Youssef - 145lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Mansfield vs Hoad - 135lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Karmon vs Tomkins - 170lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Barry vs Majstorovic - 170lbs Amateur MMA Contest
Photo credits: BK Combat Photography
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