Born from a passion for history, mythology, ancient cults, fitness, sports, heavy metal and tattoos, Iron Imperium is more than a brand.... It's pure attitude. Powerful and epic like the doom of the drums, energetic and sharp like a guitar riff and mystical like the will of the Gods!  We have a unique vision for our clothing brand which is why we put so much hard work and passion into giving you something very special.

Our Roman ancestors were saying "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" (healthy body healthy mind) and they were training their bodies and minds beyond limits to win their battle and make Rome the biggest empire of the ancient world!

Inspired by our ancestors and their success our vision is to help inspire others to become their best selves by reminding them of our ancestors every time they wear our street or active wear. 

It's by doing great things on this earth that one can achieve immortality

Be inspired by the Greats...

Be driven by the Gods...

your journey to immortality starts here!